Monday, October 24, 2011

Rated PG: David Park, Davao City

This could have been the most beautiful background we ever had in our trips.  See closely why.  

The Replica of the Statue of David is erected at the heart of a park by the owners of Queensland motel.  A known motel chain as a lover's nest which has plenty of branches sprouting all over the Philippines.  Davao locals call place "Davids Park" and is located beside a baywalk.  I'm sure that when this statue was constructed, it stirred a lot controversy in the area.  Probably, like the attention enjoyed right now by the RH Bill.
The is the Replica of the Statue of David.
A closer look...

If you  have a chance to visit Davao City, don't forget to check out David's Park.  Don't forget it's Rated PG.

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