Monday, October 24, 2011

Helmet Diving in Boracay

There are a lot of activities to do in Boracay, there is helmet diving, parasailing, banana boat, and many others to choose from.  We decided to try helmet diving which cost 400/person.  A small boat will pick you up from the beach and bring you to their station where the fish sanctuary is located.  It was a frightening experience but we got our nerves up and took the dive.  A short orientation will be given first on what to do and not to do underwater. The helmet allows you to breathe, if I'm not mistaken because oxygen is provided via a hose.  I can still remember the feeling when I was started to submerged in the water with the diving assistant.  I was very scared and my ears hurts very much that it seems to burst.  I signaled a thumbs up to the diver which means go up.  Fortunately, he held me steady and massage the area near my ears to ease the pain and reminded to neutralize as what we were taught.  Thankfully, I managed to reach the sea floor.  My heart was still pounding, when the diving instructor handed me a piece of bread for feeding the fish.  Holding the bread in my hands, different kinds and color of fish started to surround me and ate the bread.  My friends were also enjoying their chance of being close to these sea creatures.  A very nice thing in this experience is they will take pictures of your group underwater and burned it in a CD.    Truly a perfect way to document such and experience. After a few minutes I signaled to the diving assistant to go up as I can't bear the pain already even after doing the neutralization techniques.

This was quiet an experience...

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