Sunday, October 2, 2011


After a very stressful week, I feel the need  to just go out and relax.  So, my boyfriend and I went out to watch the European Film Festival in Ayala Center Cebu which started last Sept 30.  Thanks to my friend who informed me about the festival as we were able to catch up with the last day.  We were lucky to have watched two movies Mosquito's Tango(Slovakia) and Mammoth(Sweden).  The movies are entertaining, heartbreaking, and most of all it's free...

I'm glad I let go of my plan to just sleep as I have not enough sleep the past days.  The first movie from Slovakia has a good story but I think it fails to present the highlight or the climax of the story effectively to the audience.  But the second movie  Mammoth from Sweden really caught me by surprise as there are Filipino actors and actresses involved.  The plot is something that every Filipino can relate to.  It's about the life, struggles, sacrifices, pain and the longing of loved ones of Filipinos working abroad.  The movie reminds me of the importance of family and relationships.  It's kind of ironic that we work so hard for our family but in effect our work brings us far from them.  It hurts to think that after all the hardwork and pain, we grow apart from our family.  This is the sad reality.

Reality indeed bites.  So, I thank God for my family, friends and my boyfriend for being part of my life.  I'm so blessed.  Just like the Mammoths who were here a long time ago but are not forgotten, we  should not forget our families...they are priceless.

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