Friday, October 7, 2011

Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol

The second time I visited the beautiful island of Panglao was when we had our company's team building and as part of the organizers I suggested that we held it in Alona Beach.  This part of the island has plenty of accommodations, more commercialized than Dumaluan, active night life and has other activities that you can enjoy.  It's kind of little Boracay setup where resorts are lined up along the beach line and people can just cross from one resort to another.  Resorts here ranges from affordable to expensive rates depending on your budget. After a stressful scouring of affordable accommodation, we decided to stay in Bohol Divers Resort located in the extreme side of the beach.  The resort has the most number of rooms in the area which ranges from backpackers room,fan rooms to air-conditioned executive suites.  We find the resort most appropriate for our needs considering our budget, it has large swimming pool and wide area suitable for team building activities.  At night, you get to enjoy their band offering acoustic and party music for all the guests.  There is also a bar where you can enjoy your drink.  Good food here is expensive and its one thing that I find not amusing in Panglao.  Eat all you can here cost is Php450.00, imagine that! So, if you're on a tight budget, it's recommended that you buy in Tagbilaran before going to Alona Beach.  There are also affordable food such as barbeque along the sides that you can buy.
Beach line of Alona Beach.

 Bohol Diver's Bar.

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