Sunday, October 9, 2011

JVR Island in the Sky

"Island in the Sky Resort" is a catching name for a resort. When traversing the challenging roads of Transcentral Highway, you will pass by "Island in the Sky Resort".  The pine trees and cold breeze even on daylight gives you a feeling of being in Baguio, true to its name as the "little Baguio of Cebu".  The swimming pool, according to the staff can be rented for Php 1,500 exclusive to your group.  Entrance fee is only 50.00 and you can now have unlimited picture taking..  They also have a restaurant where you can order food and drinks.  However, it's a bit expensive.  So, it's practical to bring  your own food.  There are also small cottages where you can eat and accommodations for overnight stay.  However, from what I've seen they are very small and not well maintained.  The cost for the cottages is also expensive around 250.00.  The swimming pool when we went there looks like not being cleaned at all.  The water is dark and the tiles seems to scared of brushes.  The view is very nice, I hope the management does something to improve the facilities.

Stairs going down to the swimming pool area.
 The scenic view of the mountains in Cebu, with the slide going to the swimming pool below.

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