Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fish Tapahan in Danao

One of my favorite food since I was a kid is "Tinap-anan" as what local Cebuanos call for smoked fish.  Smoked fish is different from grilled fish, since the fish is cooked because of the heat of smoke only.  Because of this, it has a unique taste and smell that is loved not by Cebuanos but also Filipinos in general.  Usually, the tinapa is used as one of the ingredients in cooking "utan" or soup with different kinds of vegetables. 

A very famous tapahan in the province of Cebu is in Danao City, a 45 minutes-1 hr drive from Cebu City.  Before reaching the city's church, there are plenty of stalls along the street that will surely catch your attention.  One stick of tinap-anan will cost 50-100 pesos depending on the size. The stores here are situated near the sea shore, so the fish are very fresh.

This is where we eat most of the time. We find it cleaner compared to the others.

Very fresh and taste better than any other tinapa I've tasted in Cebu.

Best combination!