Friday, October 21, 2011

City of Gentle People:Dumaguete

Dumaguete City is a small, laid-back capital city of Negros Oriental. In highly urbanized cities such as Cebu,  where people are always racing with time, it's totally different in Dumaguete, life here is slow and simple.  I have been to this city a few times and I have always been fascinated with the place.  I bet nowhere in the Philippines you can see all kinds of motorcycles driven by all kinds of people young, old, men, women, name it!  Even senior citizens are driving their own motorcycles!

Coming to Dumaguete is not complete without visiting the prestigious Siliman University. I remember the first time that I stepped into the portals of this big university, I was astonished with the towering trees, the enormous buildings and the cool students.  A perfect picture of a university that hones independence, maturity and holistic development.  Being a small city, everything seems walkable.  You can take a walk in the streets and enjoy the rich architecture of old and new buildings. One thing I appreciate in the city is the affordable accommodation.  Here you find an airconditioned room, w/ cable, free breakfast for two for only 900++ pesos or even less.  However, transportation here is expensive, mininum fare is 8.50 pesos(higher than Cebu).  Also watch out for some drivers who takes advantage and ask for a higher fare especially if they find out you're new to their place.

How to get there

Ocean Jet travels Cebu-Dumaguete route for 950.00 one way.  There are also domestic flights by airline carriers that will bring you to Dumaguete City.  From Cebu City, the most affordable is via land trip.  You will have to ride a bus from South Bus Terminal to Liloan Port, Santander.  From Liloan Port, take a 15-25 fast craft to  Sibulan, Negros.  From Sibulan, a short tricycle ride for 15-20 minutes will already bring you to Dumaguete City.

Liloan Port, Santander, Cebu
South Bus Terminal-Liloan Port - Php 169.00
Liloan Port-Sibulan - 62.00
Sibulan-Dumaguete - 11.00


  1. Hi Jasmine. Nice work on your blog! =) Just like to ask what day you went to Dumaguete? I think we sat across each other on the bus and booked at Hotel Palwa on the same date. Funny coincidence. Hehehe...

  2. Hi Ethel! Indeed an unexpected coincidence. hehehe. Same bus, same fast craft, same hotel, same breakfast, hehehe. We could have introduced each other and went together for our trips. We could have visited Apo island...tsk..tsk...Thank for checking my blog.