Monday, October 24, 2011

Helpless Eyes

I was walking along the streets of Dumaguete City to the Computer Studies Building of Siliman University to attend a workshop related to my work when I saw an old lady maybe 70 yrs or so coming toward me with helpless eyes.  She readily extended here right hand as a gesture of asking for something.

Seeing her action, I looked down to avoid seeing her face and expression of receiving a no for answer to her plea. However, her bare, old, dirty, and tired feet met my eyes.  In spite of what I saw, I stepped aside and proceeded to my destination.  When I passed by her, I can't help feeling the guilt of not giving the old lady a little of what I have.  I took a few more steps and turned around and saw the old lady walking slowly.   For all I know she doesn't even know where her feet will take her.  I turned around and followed the old lady and handed her a little money.  Without looking at me she simply said "salamat".

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