Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cebu Transcentral Highway, Little Baguio of Cebu

The same day that we went to Mantayupan Falls, we decided to continue our road trip to Balamban via Transcentral Highway.  From Barili, we traversed the roads of Aloguinsan-Pingamungahan-Toledo for about 2 hours.  It was indeed a very long trip but fortunately, the roads are smooth and with very few rough roads.

At last, we reach Balamban and without any delay we ascended the intestine-looking roads of Transcentral Highway.  Looking up ahead as our Honda Dash motorcycle worked hard climbing the steep path, I could not help but feel scared at the same time fascinated with the awesome mountain views.  The Baguio-like road, high altitude, cold weather and breath taking views was an experience that I could never forget.  I never thought there is place like this in Cebu. Racing with us are plenty of "Habal-habal" or motorcycle used for public transportation which is the main mode of transportation in the area bringing passengers to-from Cebu city. To our dismay we almost ran out of gas, good thing there was a small store selling gasoline  placed in bottles along the road or else God help us, we would be pulling our motorcycle.  Along the roads are stalls that sells freshly-picked fruits and vegetables which is very cheap compared to the city.  We stopped on one of the stalls of a friendly old lady who readily offered us her yellow bananas which according to her is "hinog sa punoan" or naturally riped.

Man...conquers the mountains.


Visiting Cebu Transcentral Highway is truly an satisfying experience for adventure-hungry people like me.  However, caution and safety must be the first priority.  If you're taking your own vehicle, have a safety check (brakes, oil, fuel, wheels etc.) before starting your trip.  Reckless and high speed driving is a no-no here much more drunk driving.  Nevertheless, this "Little Baguio of Cebu" is definitel a nature's gift.

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