Thursday, October 6, 2011

Serenity in Dumaluan Panglao, Bohol

Panglao is a fourth class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. It is one of two municipalities that make up Panglao Island, the other being Dauis(wikipedia).  The island boasts of white sand beaches and a varying choice of affordable to expensive accommodations.  There are two famous beaches in the island Alona Beach and Dumaluan Beach.

I have been to this island three times, the first with my family where we stayed in Dumaluan Beach Resort.  This part of the island has long beach line, white and find sand even comparable to Boracay's.  At night, you can hear the waves, lie down in the sand and wait for falling stars.  This is one good place to relax and recharge. Food here is expensive and there are no  other food stalls or restaurants other than the ones owned by the resort. So, it's advised that you bring your own food.

That's me and my niece, enjoying the white sands of Dumaluan Beach Resort.

My brother, niece and nephew playing on the sand on a low tide. See the long stretch of find sand.

How to Get There

From Cebu City, you may ride a fast craft such as Ocean Jet, Weesam or SuperCat to Tagbilaran City.  Upon arrival, you can rent a van which is expensive will cost you around 700 one way or car 500.  More practical is you ride a tricycle to bring you to the city's church.  Beside the church area are jeepneys or mini buses that are going to Panglao island, fare is only 30 pesos. Unboard the vehicle when you reach the area where you will see a sign to Dumaluan Beach Resort.  The beach is a distance away from the main road so you may take "habal-habal" or motorcycle for 20 pesos each person. Another option is to pay the tricycle to take you directly to the resort. Cost for this is 200-400 pesos.   There are two resorts Dumaluan Beach Resort I and II, the other is public and the other is more expensive.  We payed Php 2500 for our room good for 4 persons and 150/person in excess.  Accommodation and food in Panglao is really expensive, even more expensive than Boracay's.

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