Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally! I'm blogging.

Last night my niece was asking me to help her in her assignment that is to make a story of the monkey and the turtle fighting over the banana tree.  Who doesn't know about the story of the monkey and the turtle, right? Suddenly, the smell of writing again came to my senses and I realized I indeed missed writing.

Back in elementary and high school days, I 've always love to read and write.  When I was in college and at present, I'm still reading and programs. Since then, I missed those times when I lay in the couch or in my bed with a good book and doze off to sleep with a book in my face.  Anyway, times have past and things have changed and it might have been quite a long time since I was able to finish a book (yeah, I tried to start reading E-books but it  seems I can't seem to finish one, hehehe) but I've been able to do things I wasn't able to do when I was a teen and that travel.

I've always been fascinated with the thrill and the excitement of going to new places. I love to learn the lifestyle, the beauty, the people, the culture and please don't forget the food of different places. I stand by this motto of mine "travel if you can and while you can". "You can" if you have the money, the time, the right timing and good company. "While you can", if you have good health.  If you have this, travel now.

Finally, indeed this is my first blog.

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