Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wish List of Places to Visit

Busy days means few or worst zero blog posts...This post honestly is just meant to break the silence of my blog.

While driving on my way home, I was thinking of the conversation I had with my younger sister to plan for a family outing this December.  It made me realized that we were not able to decide on the date and the place yet.  I can recall Camotes, Camiguin and Bohol were the choices that we talked but we never really agreed(as always) on the matter. I thought, I really need to talk to my sister!  The idea
 brought me to think of my own wish list of places to visit too. There are a lot, but I will start with most practical to achieve.

These are some of the places that made it to my wish list:

1.Danasan Eco Park, Danao City - we heard it's the first to offer Wake Boarding in Cebu(really not planning to try wake boarding though but just wanted to see the place)

2. Camotes Island - a lot of postponed plans for this island already, I really wanted to see the beach and compare with others beaches I've been to
3.  Malapascua Island - I actually got a bit discouraged by this island upon hearing stories of huge waves and capsized small boats but the huge billboard posted along the highway, "Malaspacua Legend Resort" changed my mind
4.  Baguio City - I have been here last 2008, I really wanted to back.
5. Tagaytay City -  I have seen Tagalog movies being shot here, maybe it's really a nice place
6. Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu - I've seen nice pictures of this falls, so I wanted to see it for real

I still have more on my list but I'm a bit sleepy already, so I just have to stop for now.

Do you have suggestions??? I'll be glad to hear. Thank you.

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